Friday, May 25, 2007


Kansas City Chiefs - Video


Kansas City Chiefs - News

The month of May has been anything but merry for the Kansas City Chiefs. If the normally short, laid-back practices of the spring are this tumultuous, what chaos and controversy must loom in the autumn?
"This is the offseason. Are you kidding me?" coach Herm Edwards exclaimed this week while parrying with reporters.

"We will have a starting football team when we go to Houston (for the Sept. 9 season opener). They'll be the best 46 guys in my opinion who can help us win games. Period."

But if only it were that simple. For many reasons beyond his control, Edwards is finding the sledding rough as he goes about retooling one of the NFL's oldest lineups and patching up quarrels between players and the front office.

The biggest irritant, for both the quarterback and the coach, is the presence of Trent Green.

Soon to turn 37, the two-time Pro Bowler figures he's not in the long-range plans for a team which Edwards has said needs to get younger.

Man, the chiefs need to get their sh*t together soon...


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