Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Playoffs Season is Here

I was in a coma since October it seems...I was really too busy to blog, I was up to my neck in work. Teaching and correcting homework is tough going. I still got to see lots of NFL games, just didn't blog about them.

Anyways, NFL season is gone by already, and we're into the Playoffs.

Wild Card Weekend

January 3

Atlanta 24-30 Arizona
Indianapolis 17-23 San Diego

January 4

Baltimore 27-9 Miami
Philadelphia 26-14 Minnesota

Divisional Play-Offs

January 10

Baltimore at Tennessee (4.30pm)
Arizona at Carolina (8.15pm)

January 11

Philadelphia at New York Giants (1pm)
San Diego at Pittsburgh (4.45pm)

It'll be interesting to see who makes the playoffs this year with the Giants, Cowboys and Pats out.

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